What does your company’s office space say about your company?


Your Company’s Office Space is Where You Develop First Impressions

When customers or clients walk into your office space, they immediately begin to develop an impression of your business. Certain things are common sense, but you’d be surprised how many clients are lost because business owners don’t practice a few simple principles to avoid a bad first impression like old conference tables with scratches.

To make sure your company’s office space says the right things about your business, here are four things you can do make sure that first impression is a good impression.

Cleanliness Displays Professionalism

As the old saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. However, it’s also a clear indication of your company’s commitment to image. A dirty, or even cluttered office, does not give the impression you care much about first impressions.

When your clients, or potential new customers, walk into a dirty, disorganized and cluttered office, they may immediately assume you treat your business prospects with the same level of disorderly disregard.

A dirty office is no way to make a good first impression, and making a bad first impression can make it the last impression you get to make. Lost business turns into lost profits, so keep your office space clean and orderly, especially free of too much clutter.


Maintain Neutrality: avoid artworks on a controversial topic

You may be liberal, conservative, pro this or anti that, but you should not broadcast your personal views on debatable social topics at your place of business. Unless of course your business is specifically focused on a culturally divisive cause, you need to portray an air of neutrality. Try to avoid artwork, sculptures, or other decorations that forecast an opinion on a controversial social topic.


The Appeal of Appearance: keep conference tables in tiptop shape

How your office presents itself is critical. Using old chairs or dated furnishings does not radiate professionalism. Try to lean towards more modern office furniture if you can. If you frequently use a large room for meetings, keep the conference tables in tiptop shape.

Have your cleaning staff maintain a shine on the tabletops. Old conference tables with scratches, cup rings, or a dull finish, portray you as potentially old, insensitive, or that you simply do not care about the image you present. If you feel your office décor could use some improvement, you should consider modern office furniture and conference tables like those provide by Sedus.

Show You Care Without Words

No one with any good business sense would leave his or her lobby unattended. However, since personally greeting people when they enter your office is normal, you can do a few things to go beyond the norm.

Letting your clients know that you are thinking about them, before you even speak to them, is a great way to build their confidence. Providing fresh coffee, cold filtered water, or access to cold drinks is an excellent icebreaker.

Most offices have magazines available for waiting clients. Nice touch, but make sure they’re current magazines, with a few that might address the type of business. Another nice touch is to provide current newspapers.

In today’s technological world, free WiFi access is almost imperative. When you give your potential customers free access to browse, you’re sending a subtle message that you’re thinking about them.

When a client or prospective customers walk through your office door, they will immediately form an impression of your company. Keep it clean, maintain an air of neutrality, plus present a modern image with the type of furniture you choose. Add a few little perks around the waiting room to show you care, and you’ll begin to earn your clients respect right from that first impression.