Modular Tribunes – Perfect for Concerts/Sporting Venues and Designed With Comfort in Mind

What is a modular tribune?

Modular tribunes are an important component of any seating structure. These are designed to create seating layouts which are very versatile and create the optimal event environment for individuals whom attend sporting events. These are also very stable seating arrangements as they are constructed with metal. At a certain height, these modular tribunes are designed for event venues to easily set up and install. Modular tribunes are also referred to as platform galleries, and are perfect for many purposes. They can even be constructed for use in the open air, meaning that outdoor concerts are possible with these modular tribunes.

What types of modular tribunes does Mario Orlando offer?

There are many different types of modular tribunes which are available. Modular tribunes with a space of 20 cm between the steps (Alfa) are designed for concerts and events. On the other hand, Beta types of modular tribunes are better suited for sporting events as they have 40 cm of space between the steps. This type of modular tribune offers more space to enable individuals to move between seats with more ease, as during sporting events people are more likely to get up and move around. These types of modular tribunes are also adjustable for any purposes when a change in seating configuration is required.

modular tribunes for stadium

Safety, reliablity and scalability

Additionally, another notable aspect of all modular tribunes is that they are easily assembled without the use of skilled labor. The modules slide in and out, and any element can be added or removed. This is the modular nature of the modular tribunes, as event venues often require that seating is re-arranged on a regular basis. It should be noted that tools are required, but the process of disassembling these modular tribunes is not designed to be too complex for the needs of event venues whom are using them. The appropriate tools have to be used which is a further measure to prevent vandalism of the structure. This modular nature also ensures that the seating can be constructed in a short period of time, and scaled up as well depending on the business needs. If a large event is planned, these modular tribunes can easily be built for the purpose of ensuring that the event goes off without a hitch.

Furthermore, the modular tribunes are also constructed with safety in mind. They have been rated to ensure that they are able to support the required amount of load.